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Nyakyusa LanguagePosted by Knut Felberg Sunday, February 11 2007 17:06

This is a very basic question, but still an important one: There are quite a number of visitors to the Nyakyusa Homepage and there has been little or no relevant added information on the Homepage lately. What do you want to see there? Or what should there be more of?

Work is ongoing on an online version of the dictionary, but this is a rather large project both in time and scope.

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Posted by Christina Mwakibolwa Thursday, January 26 2012 13:15

Mh mo mumo nkamu! Ni kweli ikaandikwa kwa kinyakyusa au kiswahili itaeleweka kwa wengi na watu watachangia au kutoa maoni yao. Ndaga fijo kyala aje na numwe.

Posted by Thomas B Mwamfupe Thursday, January 26 2012 12:57

kanunu fiijho le twe bhamo iki sungu kikututaamya panandi po fyalighanile isi linga mukulonda ukulaalusya po syalighanile mulaluusyeeghe nkinyakyusa au nkiswahili papo lumo ubhaghiile ukumanya simo le utolighwe ukusimba nalinga isi ghwalondagha ukusimba syali nunu fiijho po kutolighwa kunongwa jha njobhele ,le nguti ndagha kuli syoosa itolo kangi nguti Kyala abhatuule

Posted by Mwamfupe Anyisile Saturday, September 11 2010 22:43

imbombo jho mujibombile jhi ngafu nalloli, le Kyala abhapeghe amaka gha mingi fijho muendeleleghe ni singi si nyingi isya kututwalia mu internet isi,

joune Mwamfupe Anyisile

Posted by Mwema H Mwanjisi Wednesday, March 24 2010 10:46

Many thanks has been given and many says has been spoken mine 're inside thoshe but in addition to Nyakyusa's story as I heard, there a story says about where we from. Moja ya Kigoma via Makambako (walijiita Ingambako eti baada ya kumvuka Mkwawa Iringa, ndio makambako). Iingine kwamba ni Nyakyusani result ya the great Mfecane war including Ngonis and other tribes, kwmaba ni ofshoot ya Zulus au Ngunis, (kuna mifano mingi tu inawa ... See Morematch Nyakyusa na Nguni (Zulu) of Southern Africa ( language, names, cultures, norms,dances etc.) kisha walipofika KUsini wakavuta Nyasa wakaingia Malawi na kutokea juu Mbeya.
Sasa sijui ipi kati ya hizi mbili ina hold ukweli?? So I wold be very glad to hear more about our Origin.

Ndaga fijo, Kyala abatule msyage esumo isyo. Nuswe tusimanye isyanaloli.

Posted by Isaac Mchappi Mwamsaku Wednesday, December 30 2009 08:54

I sat for sometime looking around me with wonder and terror,wherever i turned i could see nothing but danger and difficulty.I saw myself in the middle of great wild country almost alone without clothes,this thought filled my mind and my hope begean to leave,.............thanx to the blog author for the best job/work done.

It sound like when suddenly Ufwa encounterred his friend Nnyafu Pussi on the way back from USA where he was retained as terror,...now you can immagine the happines i am experiencing as a result of having our tribe blogged.

Thanks God for having you.

Isaac(nisile) Mwamsaku/Mwasulama


Mobile: 0653 996 414

Posted by Silas Mwakibinga Thursday, November 26 2009 13:30

Mutendekisye kanunu fijo i-website jitu. Kyala abasajege nu kubapa amaka ni inyinigono nunu ukuti mututulege nkubika amasyu gyitu mbugolofu!

Posted by Ngalamu Thursday, July 23 2009 12:14

Thanks to the manager of the website for the initiative and for ensuring that the Nyakyusa language and its people are featured in this globalised world. Let's not allow our culture and identity to disappear in the 'global world' phenomenon.

Posted by Maka Mwamwaja Saturday, April 04 2009 13:49

Also a Nyakyusa from Kyela, just followed a link to this site and looking forward to reading what is written here.

Posted by Peter Mwangalawa Saturday, August 23 2008 13:43

I am 8 months late. The importatant things to note and document the memories we have of our growing up, to note the recent changes and to post all those cultural pictures including black and white ones!
I grew up in Kaporo (Karonga, Malawi), I trained abroad and work abroad. the strange thing is that I have difficulty in using professional terms in IkiNyakyusa to my people at home. This site can be a source for formulating scientific/professional words to be used by the people serving the our community.

Posted by daniel a lusajo Monday, December 17 2007 19:37

first thing first i would like to give you big thank for spending your time to write about my tribe.

as young nyakyusa man born in the city with parents with two different tribes it was no nyakyusa spoken at all at home...so today i was searching the web and your site just pop up.i was very happy almost reduced to tears..because to be honesty i dont know the meaning of sinlge word in nyakyusa ..so i hope this site will help me to learn some basic words...trust me i'll regural to this site from now on... hope to hear more from other people...thanks

Posted by lawrence gwakisa mwakyambiki Friday, October 26 2007 14:38


nhobwike fijo ukutimulipo mwe bandu ba mahala, mwe musibombile i-nunu fijo ukuti tukaketege nu kubala isya kukaja mu interneti.

Kyala abasajege ni mbombo ijo ingafu kangi ngolofu.Loli mwende ngeko na nkaja ukubaponya abapapigo na abisukulu bhinu. Muhobokelege fijo ngakimanya ikingelesi!

Joune Lole

Posted by Jana Asukile Mwakisunga Friday, October 05 2007 23:22

Sir, I was reminiscing about home (having lived in the UK continuously for the last 20 years) when I thought about making a 'google' query about Nyakyusa. The 2 prominent returns was an entry in Wikipedia and this website.

My eyes welled with tears to find a website about my mother tongue and its people! To say I was moved by this discovery would be an understatement!

Immediately I started thinking about how I can help to expand this work, how I can contribute to raising international awareness of this great but unsung people in sourthen Africa.

As a Christian, I would really love to see copies of the Nyakyusa Bible and traditional hymnals on the website - it would certainly extend the scope of discussion topics!

God bless you much for this wonderful work!

Jana Asukile, London, UK.

Posted by nelwike Sunday, September 02 2007 10:39

kimsingi tunatakiwa tuangalie wapi tulipodondoka,hii ni historia ndefu ambayo tunatakiwa kuifania kazi,na wakati muafaka ni sasa.

Posted by nelwike Sunday, September 02 2007 10:16

yes is real needed to know where we are coming from,its real need to know our roots.

let us start to find our truth.

Posted by Bupe Mwangota Thursday, August 16 2007 04:51

Mwe Ndaga ne imbombo ngafu!

It is such an impressive website someone should be proud of, when you come accross it. I am a nyakyusa lady from kyela (KY). A proud one indeed! I love the culture and the originalty of the nyakyusa tribe. one thing I have noticed and I am proud of is for a nyakyusa lady whether she has crossed borders or oceans and seas, she will still bend her knees when she greets an elder. Wow! some other people will be shocked " she is so disciplined" but some will say old fashioned way. I tell you Nyakyusa ladies keep it on. it gives you value to your dignity. It is worth doing it does give your culture a life.

Also It would be more interesting having a spot on this website, of information on important figures from the Nyakyusa tribe such as: tribal leaders (The chiefs), army officers, governmental workers, ministers, religious leaders, members of parliament, artists, jouranlists, Tv presenters, models, etc. This will help viewers/ researchers knowing some historical facts of such people from this tribe.

Mwe Ndaga Kyala Akutole!

Posted by Robert Mwakalinga Monday, August 06 2007 11:38

I'm a Nyakyusa but am curious about one thing: Where did the Nyakyusa as a tribe or as an ethnic group come from besides Mahenge? Do they have a South African origin? Monica Wilson says in some of her writings that the Nyakyusa and the Venda of South Africa are somehow related - they have a lot in common in terms of culture, etc. This may imply biological ties as well. And the Venda, from what I know, are related to the Lemba. As you probably already know, many Lembas have Jewish genes, the cohen gene among priests which has been traced all the way back to Aron, the brother of Moses, thousands of years ago according to the Bible. The Lemba trace their origin back to Sena somewhere in what is now South Yemen. The Nyakyusa are said to have arrived in their present home district about 500 years ago and seem to have a different origin, unlike that of their neighbours, because their language, according to what I have read on the Nyakyusa home page and elsewhere, is not related to the languages of neighbouring tribes. It's highly distinctive in that respect. An article in wikipedia implies the Nyakyusa are of Nubian origin and therefore came from the north, may be somewhere in Sudan, although I believe this is a myth. All indications are that their language belongs to the Niger-Congo family and they are therefore Bantu (itself a lingustic term). And as historical and archaelogical evidence shows, the people in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa, came from West Africa - especially the area of what is today southeastern or Eastern Nigeria and western Cameroon. But I still would like to know more about the origin of the Nyakyusa, where they originally came from as an ethnic group. Does anybody know?

Posted by Tully Esther Mwambapa Thursday, July 19 2007 12:54

I am very much inspired by the work done by you. This is an asset to the Nyakyusa tribe and the nation in general. I am one of the people who believe that though we promote national languages, we should not ignore completely our own native languages because they make who we are today. Culture and history are very important in human being development.

I thank all the people who are involved in this project. Ndaga fijo. Also I think that this project has not been promoted. Has it been promoted many people will have commented.

I would to propose that the nyakyusa bible and song book be included as well as the history and culture of the Nyakyusa.

I lived in Kyela for a short while but I loved the culture, language and the people. There was once a great man by the name of Robert Macleam Mwakalukwa who was populary known as Makirini. He was a chief, reverend, first meber of parliament for kyela and a trully nyakyusa. I think he will be of great help to the project.

Tully Esther Mwambapa

Posted by Malafyale Rikyati Thursday, July 12 2007 22:56

Mwe ndaga fijo kyala abatule ba myitu

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